Laramie, Wyoming

Thank you for your interest in joining Albany County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue (or ACSSAR, for short). Our organization is one of the oldest in the state, with search activities documented as far back as 1952, when we were known as the Sheriff’s Posse. Our organization has grown and changed considerably since then, but the volunteer spirit is still alive and well in our community!

The Albany County Sheriff’s Office (SO) relies on our membership to assist with (a rough estimate of) 10-20 calls per year; night or day, rain or shine. In order to fill this need with qualified and capable personnel, ACSSAR has a systematic process to become a member. Below, you will find step by step instructions for how to begin this process. After a check and completed application have been received by the Officer team and Board of Directors (either by mail or in person, see steps 1-3), you will be considered a candidate member! If there are questions about your application, it will be brought to your attention. Otherwise, please come to a meeting and introduce yourself, and feel free to begin your training (step 4).

Rest assured, there is a place for you in our ranks regardless of your previous experience or knowledge; we welcome beginners and experts alike! ACSSAR is structured so that members may earn their way to varying levels in our organization based on merit and participation. Members are also required to maintain a minimum set of of skills and certifications, and attend at least six monthly meetings/trainings per year to keep their membership active. Many of the required trainings are offered at no additional cost to you in order to maintain our minimum standards.

Please understand that joining ACSSAR does require a substantial commitment both in time, money, and other resources based on your individual commitment level. A substantial amount of gear is required in order to be assigned to field operations. Once you are verified as a member, you will be asked to provide a pack for inspection by an Officer or Board member. A gear list will be provided to you upon request, but is also available on our website.

-ACSSAR Board of Directors

Steps to becoming a member of ACSSAR

Directions for application to join Albany County Search and Rescue

  1. Complete the application form, the last 3 pages are the same, please sign and date all 3 copies. The Sheriff’s Office will complete the “To” line on each of the 3 forms.
  2. Mail the completed form to Albany County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue – Membership, PO Box 2140, Laramie WY 82073, or bring it to a meeting.
  3. Include a $25.00 check made out to Albany County Sheriff’s Search & Rescue, This fee will be refunded if you are not accepted, and we use it to cover the fee for your team shirt, patches, and stocking cap.
  4. During the candidacy period, you must be able to prove and/or complete the following training requirements or equivalents as determined by the Board of Directors to earn/maintain an active general member status:
    • Current Professional Rescuer CPR/First Aid certification (or AHA BLS Provider) or greater (First-Responder, EMT, Paramedic, etc., renewed as required by certifying authority)
    • Crime Scene Management (renewed annually through ACSSAR or equivalent authority)
    • IS-700.b NIMS (National Incident Management System) Course (online class)
    • ACSSAR New Member Orientation
    • Attend a minimum of 6 monthly meetings/trainings (Next Meeting: 7:00Pm Tuesday - 7/30/2024)
    • Giving back to the organization (Service Requirement)
    • Physical Fitness Test / Hike - Death Crotch Trail from highway to intersetion of Summit Trail loop and back, carrying a 25lb pack in under 2 hour time frame.
    *To maintain an active field member status you must additionally complete a verification of your search pack contents by an Officer or Board member.