Laramie, Wyoming


While we would like to tell you about every mission we participate in, we are unable to do so unless the Albany County Sheriff's Office releases information.

ACSSAR June Board Meeting

June 20, 2017

Dan called the meeting to order at 7:05pm.


  • Paige announced that tshirts were ordered and have arrived.

  • A few personal check donations were received this month.

  • McAlister Tea fundraiser was discussed, we need a few more volunteers before we can commit to doing this.

  • Elevation celebration was discussed; Lisa is preparing a poster to use at public events like this.


  • Dry suits

    • There is a possibility of getting a grant through Firehouse subs grant to help with the cost of dry suits.

    • We need a better description of what exactly our group needs/wants before applying for the grant.

  • The new 4wheeler trailer needs a new spare tire.

  • Snowmobiles need to be summarized.

  • The condition of the Zodiak was discussed. It will need an AIS permit.


  • A mock search will be held on Sunday June 25.

  • High angle snow field training will be held on July 9th

  • A land navigation class will be held on September 16th/17th. Rodney will book the LFD Station 3 training room.

  • Airlife will do a training with our group in June/July/August

  • We would like to do a Lake recognition training. Paige will head this up and gather the materials needed.


  • Dan will talk to Matt about the status of the window hangars.

  • Dan will look into getting mesh vests.

  • The group will not participate in freedom has a birthday but will do Jubilee Days instead.

    • Paige will submit an application for the parade.

  • Thankful Thursday will be mentioned to the group to gauge interest.

  • A motion was made to reimburse Paige and Bob up to 50% for the Joel Hardin tracking class costs. Both were approved.


  • Policy changes will be sent out to the group again for review.


In attendance: Neil, Paige, Dan, Kurt, Bob, Liberty, and Rodney.

Albany County Sheriff's Search and Rescue held their 2017 Officer and Board elections on Tuesday March 28th. The results are as follows:


President - Dan Hutchison
Vice President - Matt Burkhart
Secretary - Lisa Zezas
Treasurer - Paige Hellbaum
Training Officer - Rodney Fought

Board Of Directors
Liberty Boyer - 2 year term 
Alan Sinicki - 2 year term
Kurt Braisted - 1 year term

Congratulations to the new and continuing officers and board members. 

Whether you are enjoying the outdoors this winter on skis, snowshoes, or snowmobiles, new to the sport, or a seasoned adventurer. Please take the time to be prepared when entering our wonderful outdoors. Old Man winter can be peaceful one minute and a bear 15 minutes later. Make sure you have the proper clothing and the right supplies to survive the unforeseeable. Let someone know your plans, when you are leaving, where you are going and when you plan to return.  Our avalanche danger is high with the new snow pack, if you must play in prone areas, get the gear and knowledge to use it.  Be smart, stay safe and enjoy the winter Wyoming outdoors!

The meeting was called to order at 7pm on November 22, 2016.


  • High Plains Harriers check came in from the Jelm Mountain Run

  • Wyoming Game and Fish approved our request to place a donation jar at their office.

  • A donation from Basic Beginnings was received.


  • New ATV received more break in hours and still needs one more hour.


  • A new member class will be held on Tuesday December 13th

  • An avalanche level 1 course will be available through the ski patrol and UW Outdoor program. Dates are TBA.

  • Snow mobile training for November general meeting.

  • Inland SAR May 3-4, 2017


  • A policy dinner was held on November 15 at 6:30pm.


The meeting was adjorned at 8:30pm.


In attendance: Bob Meyer, Rodney Fought, Mat Allshouse, Alan Sinicki, Paige Hellbaum, Dan Hutchison, Brenna Noll, Neil Mathison, Lisa Zezas, Kurt Braisted.


The meeting was called to order at 7pm on October 18.


  • A new 4 wheeler was purchased along with 2 helmets and 4 sets of googles.

  • Donations from the Rob DeBree Memorial fund were received and were very appreciated.

  • The fundraising letter is in the works. If you are interested in helping please contact Paige.


  • A completed resource list has been sent to the sheriff’s office.

  • < >

    One new 4-wheeler purchased

  • One of the older 4-wheelers is now functional and running well. The other one is still not running well and we will likely sell this one.

  • The 4-wheeler trailer has new tires and tie downs.


  • A new member calss was held on Monday October 17th

  • An avalanche level 1 course will be available through the ski patrol and UW Outdoor program. Dates are TBA.


  • More patches were purchased.

  • Brenna made a motion to buy 100 window hangers with the SAR logo. Curt 2nd the motion and all were in favor.

  • A policy dinner will be held on November 15 at 6:30pm. All are welcome to join.

The meeting was adjorned at 8:30pm.

In attendance: Paige H., Brenna N., Neil M., Curt B., Harold M., Alan S., Rodney, Dan H., Lisa Z., Matt B.


The meeting was called to order at 7pm.

Paige provided a financial summary of the last month.

McAlisters is no longer doing their night out fundraiser. They may however have other options for us.
The fundraising letter is in the works and Paige has requested help to get these sent out as well as completing thank you notes.
The idea of placing donation jars at the Game and Fish office was brought up and will be looked into.


Dry suits: Matt’s department at UWYO may have options for dry suits. Matt will be looking more into this.
Raidio location/ Gear storage was discussed again. Possible options will be discussed with the S.O. for what could be placed in the SAR yard.
The ATV’s have been getting worked on, one is running well and the other still needs some work. Options for keeping one and buying a new one have been discussed and will be decided upon in the future.


A new member class is tentatively in the works for November
An Inland SAR class will be held on May 3rd & 4th 2017


Helmet involved injuries were discussed and the possibility of having a group wide protocol on this. More information from our medically trained members will be sought.
Patches, stickers, window hangers and t-shirts are running out. The board decided to place orders to restock our supplies.
Coins in memory of Rob Debree are available and we will place a group order for those who are interested.
For all who are interested our group will meet at Thankful Thursday at the Old Corral on September 29th.
Jelm Mountain Run will take place on Saturday September 24.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30.

In attendance: Lisa Z, Kurt B, Alan S, Mat A, Paige H, Matt B, Neil M, Brenna N, Dan H.  

The meeting was called to order at 7pm.

Paige provided a financial summary of the last month.

Amazon Smile, Donation Jars, K9 Demonstration at UW


Dry suits were discussed again this month. Grants for the suits are in progress.
Discussion was held on where and how to store the new and existing radios. There was discussion on whether we would like to order mics and a bank charger for the new WyoLink radios. No final decisions were made this month, more information will be gathered on types and cost of mics.
Purchasing new ATV’s was discussed. After discussing this, it was recommended that looking for two used ATV’s in good condition would suit the group and budget best. This item was tabled until next month.


A local Yoga class requested that our group teach a CPR class on September 10.
A Licensed Training Provider (LTP) class for CPR will be coming up soon.

Meeting Topics

Possible meeting topics for future meetings were discussed. These include tracking, a K9 training/demo, GPS, and overnight/winter survival. The September meeting’s training will tentatively be on Albany County familiarization/orientation.


Ideas for SAR Fundraiser t-shirts were brought up and will be discussed more at the next board meeting.

Medical Volunteer Opportunities

Sone Temple 8 will be Saturday September 10th

The status of new members was discussed before adjourning the meeting at 8:20pm.

In attendance: Kurt B., Lisa Z., Neil M., Brenna N., Dan H., Alan S., Matt A., Harold M., Paige H., Bob, Shawn S.

On 13 September 2016, the Albany County Sheriff’s Office located the body of Jerome “Jerry” Elmore in the Snowy Range west of Laramie. A search and rescue mission had been planned to take place in the area where Elmore’s rental vehicle had been located. Before the search got underway, the Laramie Area Records and Communications received a 911 call from a hunter who reported finding a dead body in the area of the primary search area.

Deputies of the Sheriff’s Office responded to the scene and found Elmore deceased in the National Forest several hundred yards from his vehicle. The County Coroner’s Office also responded and conducted their own investigation.

In spite of requests from the media and posts on social media sites for updated information, the Sheriff’s Office was unable to provide any updated information until they were certain the next of kin had been notified.

The meeting was called to order at 7pm.

Dan provided a financial summary of the last month.


  • Dry suits were discussed again this month. A grant has been found that we can apply for to cover the cost of the new dry suits our group needs.

  • The group has received six new wyolink radios. Disscussion was held on where and how to store the new and existing radios.

  • A resource list has been compiled to provide the Sherriff’s Office. This list will provide them with all resources and specifically trained personal we have available.


  • A new member training was held Wednesday July 13. More new member trainings will be coming up in the future.

  • There will be an upcoming CPR/FA training

  • A Wilderness First Aid class is planned for August 6th& 7th.

  • A yoga class requested our CPR instructors in order to teach a class for them. A date will be set for a weekend in September.

Meeting Topics

  • High Altitude Health given by Annie for this month’s meeting.

  • Cell phone and locator technology training tentatively planned for September’s meeting.


  • August board meeting will be moved up a week to August 16th.

  • The mountain bike team is looking for more members and plans to ride on Mondays.

Medical Volunteer Opportunities

  • Sone Temple 8 will be Saturday September 10th

  • Laramie Enduro will be August 6th and is in need of volunteers

The status of new members was discussed before adjourning the meeting at 8:20pm.

In attendance: Kurt B., Lisa Z., Brenna N., Dan H., Alan S., Mat B., Matt A., Harold M.

The June meeting began at 7pm on Tuesday June 28. Lisa gave a review of the June board meeting minutes. Dan gave a financial report.

The upcoming events were announced and are as follows:

  • New member class scheduled for Wednesday July 13 at 6:30pm

  • Mock search scheduled for Saturday July 16th

  • CPR/FA/AED class is in the process of being scheduled for the end of July

  • More high angle/snowfield classes are going to be planned. Beginner classes for those who may be interested will likely be taking place soon.

  • Wilderness first Aid class for instructors and WFA certification will be held either August 6th or 13th

The meeting was adjourned and followed by a radio communication table top exercise.

At 1757hr this evening (7/11/2016) ACSSAR was called to assist in locating a three year old missing in the Vedauwoo Beaver Ponds area. At approximately 1900hr the child was located and returned safe to her family with the help of others hikers in the area. 14 ACSSAR personel deployed to lend a hand, along with numerous members of the Albany County Sheriff's Office, Wyoming Highway Patrol, US Forest Service, Laramie Fire Department and an Airlife Denver helicopter out of Cheyenne also assisted in the search!

6/29/2016 1200

ACSSAR was requested by Albany  County Sheriff’s Office to assist in locating three hikers in the Laramie Peak area, near Black Mountain.  Six ACSSAR members were in route when approximately 1345 the hikers were located and return safely to their vehicle.  All SAR members return safely to Laramie by 1430.