Laramie, Wyoming


While we would like to tell you about every mission we participate in, we are unable to do so unless the Albany County Sheriff's Office releases information.


0145 - Call was received from Albany County Sheriffs Office requesting ground search personnel to assist in locating a missing hunter in the Snowy Range near Centennial Wyoming. Volunteers from ACSSAR deployed as a team and were in route, around 0630 received a stand down from IC as the individual had been located and was safe back at camp after experiencing mechanical difficulties.

Albany County Meeting 27 AUG 2013

1900 – Meeting start, minutes from board meeting was read with additional information being provided by Matt and Justin. Vicki handed out the monthly financial report and gave a brief on them. Cathi read off upcoming training schedule to include the “Working With SAR dogs”. Cathi also requested that the training committee get together soon to plan for 2014. Cathi will also try to get avalanche awareness training before the season hits. The members that attended the training on the 24th gave a brief over what happened, Josh suggested that the same trainer be brought in to Laramie to teach ACSSAR. Jelm mountain will happen before the next meeting. Justin gave a description on what will most likely happen.

1921 – Matt brings up that most people are unaware that SAR donations on hunting licenses. Given this information, Matt proposes that we put up some donation jars around town. He will get with the board and ask around, Justin will ask the S.O..

1924 – Cathi would like to remind everyone to ‘like’ the ACSSAR Facebook page.

1929 – We are going to go over the member list again for the next board meeting

1930 – Move to adjourn (Harold) Matt 2nd

1935 – Training: Working with SAR Dogs with Josh Hurt and Cathi Carr-Lundfelt

Board Meeting 20-AUG-13

1900 – Meeting Start, Cathi has the attendance up to date for the board and officers to review. She needs more information on the additional attendance from trainings, call-outs, ect. for records, Dan was able to provide the numbers from those that she was missing. Discussion is if members have zero participation with little or no excuse than they can be dismissed. The by-laws state that a person has to participate in (6) activities/meetings in order to remain active. Several members were evaluated do to their low, or zero participation, no actions will be taken tonight though. An e-mail will be sent out to all in regards to what needs to be done to remain an active member of ACSAR.

1920 – We have a few new members, some that already have outstanding attendance in meetings and training alike. The 3 members (Brenna Noll,Yvette Widman and Trula Carter) that were discussed are voted to be admitted as provisional members (Dan with Travis 2nd, motion passed). With new members, we will be planning basic certifications soon, most likely January.

1933 – T-shirts: cheapest place is Laramie screen printing. Shirts would be braze orange with logo, $10.50 ea. for 100% cotton, 50% cotton 50% poly would be $11.50 with colors being slightly different. 100% poly would be $13.50 with same color options as cotton. The banner would be $67+(full color with logo and website). Matt would be willing to pick it up on one of his CO trips. We are going to push forward with the banner, the shirts are awaiting size information. Justin brought up increasing the membership fee to cover the cost of the t-shirt. While the initial shirt would be covered by ACSSAR, any additional shirt’s cost would be covered by the member.

Climbing gear was quoted to Matt as well. Harness, belay device, daisy chain, locking caribiners, all comes out to $393.00 (setups for 3 people) normal is over $500.00. Travis moves for 3 setups, Cathi 2nds, motion carries.

2000 – Paging system: Dan now has the system to do a mandatory voice dial for all call-outs. The inclusion of the call has increased response already to call-outs. We also had a discussion about having a reserve or secondary briefing contact that would be in town during a call. The website now is starting to have profiles up on the ACSSAR website.

2012 – the SAREX will be on Sat Aug 24th from 9 am to 4 pm at the Happy Jack Rec Area. There looks to be a good showing, and a good training. There will be more high-angle training throughout the year, next meeting will be working with SAR dogs training.

2019 – meeting adjourned

In Attendance

Justin Curtright

Matt Allshouse

Dan Hutchinson

Cathi Carr-Lundfelt

Harold Magness

Travis Wright

Josh Hurt

0933 hr  August 4th - ACSSAR  was called for a second time this week with a Stand-By request from the Albany County Sheriff's Office. Search teams were requested to prepare for a search near Laramie Peak and Friend Park. Two 25 year olds were reported as missing in the area. While Deputy Patrols were sent to the area to determine the Last Known Location, it was determined that both were in fact fine and not in any danger. A Stand Down call was received at 1041.


30 July 30, 2013

1900 – Meeting start, read minutes from 23 July Board meeting (already up on the website), received the July financial report. Received an e-mail about us doing the Jelm Mtn run, they would like for us to assist again this year.

1909 – There was a call-out at 0200 this morning. Among others from ACSAR, Dan responded around 0530. ACSAR went up to the spot and shortly thereafter the victim self rescued and showed up just as searchers were heading out.

1913 – Cathi once again went over her training from Cody. Dan also went over his training that he went on (mantracking) still needs many more hours before he could even be basic certified. The mantrackers out of Lusk have offered to teach classes here in Laramie, probably not this year but it is something to look in to.

1922 – The next board meeting will include the Casie III that provides training in search management software.

1924 – Aug 24th is still a tentative ‘go’ for training with SEWSAR, Dan will send e-mail’s out with updates.

Justin brought in a sample shirt from a possible retailer to provide uniform shirts for ACSAR. Final design is not set in stone yet. Matt also found a possible source of uniform shirts for ACSAR that may be cheaper, uniforms are still in discussion.

1931 – Dan is going to adjust the call out system to include a phone call along with text/e-mail. He also posed that a secondary person to help direct people after ACSAR is already in the field.

1939 – Meeting adjourned (Harold, Matt 2nd)

Training for this month is Search and Rescue Resources (Cathi Carr-Lundfelt)

Lost Fisherman Found Safe and Sound!

2:11 am Tuesday July 30th Albany County Sheriffs Search and Rescue was requested by the Sheriff's Office to assist in a search for a overdue fisherman near Bear Lake on Libby Flats.

Briefing time was set for 5:30 at the Albany County Sheriff's Office.  6 Members reporting for the briefing with an additional 4 - 6 responding in the later morning hours if needed.

Teams from ACSSAR and ACSO  were on the on the mountain near sunrise. At approximately 7:15, the overdue subject was located moving in the general direction of his car.  ACSSAR team II escorted the subject the rest of his way to his parked car.  He was wet and cold but in good shape otherwise.

Thank you to all that responded and answer the early morning call.


7/23/2013 – Board Meeting

Meeting Called to Order: 7:03

Freedom Has a Birthday Review – Overall success, we gave out a lot of free water, 250 Space Blankets, also handed out 9 applications.

Cathi attended Dog training in Cody at the end of June. Cathi reported it was a great class and she needs to work her dogs more..

Dan attended the Joel Hardin Tracking class in Torrington over July 12-14th. Members of the Wyoming Tracking Association out of Lusk were there and would be interested in bringing some training to Laramie in the future.

Next Board meeting is scheduled to have Casie III training from Jim Van Cise out of Cheyenne.

Still not much word on training in August with SEWSAR. If nothing is happening, we may choose to do our own training.

Planning on another round of roster cleanup for September. Those that have not participated in the last year will most likely be dropped. Cathi is updating the training and attendance records prior to the cleanup.

Uniforms came up again – The plan is to look into non-cotton T-Shirts to start with. Matt will be taking the lead on talking to local providers.

With High angle becoming more of a focus, the board would like to purchase the basic gear needed for member use. helmet, harness, belay device, 2or 3 – locking D’s, daisy chain and 2- prussic’s are needed for each setup. Matt and Dan will put together a price package.

Kurt is continuing to look into a new banner for the organization.  

The Facebook Page is now active for promoting the organization.

Meeting Adjourned 8:25



Dan Hutchison
Cathi Carr-Lundfelt
Kurt Braisted
Justin Curtright
Matt Allshouse
Josh Hurt

7/19/2013 - Update: Fire restrictions have been dropped! Details
Medicine Bow News Release
Fire Restrictions to go into Effect on the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests

Release Date: Jul 1, 2013  

Contact:  Larry Sandoval, (307) 745-2420 or Aaron Voos, (307) 745-2323


Press Release in PDF format


(LARAMIE, Wyo.) July 1, 2013 – 

Stage 1 fire restrictions will go into effect on the Medicine Bow and Routt National Forests at 12:01 a.m. on July 2, 2013. This decision, which was made in coordination with multiple agencies and counties, was prompted by a combination of factors that include rapidly drying vegetation, ongoing drought conditions, growing fire danger, and unfavorable fire weather forecasts.


                 “Despite improved snowpack and a relatively wet spring, conditions are quickly changing and forest vegetation that was recently green is now at increased risk of burning,” said Phil Cruz, Forest Supervisor for the Medicine Bow-Routt National Forests and Thunder Basin National Grassland (MBRTB). “Last year all but one of our four large fires was started by lightning; however, even one human-caused fire is too many and we hope to proactively reduce this risk by implementing restrictions that are now warranted.”


                 Fire restrictions are needed to help protect public safety and natural resources. They primarily limit where and what types of fires are allowed, however, all prohibitions listed below should be noted and followed. Unless noted by an exception, and until restrictions are rescinded, forest visitors cannot:


1. Build or maintain a fire, or use charcoal, except within permanent fire pits (steel fire rings) or grates provided at Forest Service developed campgrounds or picnic areas. *Note: personal and/or homemade fire pits/rings are not allowed.

Other excepted devices include:

·         Portable stoves, lanterns and heating devices that use petroleum fuels such as pressurized liquid gas or propane that can be readily controlled by a valve.

·         Fully enclosed woodstoves with a ¼” spark arrester screen.  

2. Use explosives. This includes all fireworks, which are always prohibited on National Forest lands, as well as exploding targets used for recreational shooting.

3.  Smoke cigarettes, pipes, cigars, etc; except within an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site, or while stopped in an area at least three feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of all flammable materials.

4.  Operate acetylene or other torch with open flame (includes welding), unless specifically authorized in writing by the Forest Service.

5.  Operate internal or external combustion engines (e.g. chainsaws, ATVs, dirtbikes, generators, etc) without a USDA or SAE approved spark arrester properly installed, maintained and in effective working order.


                Violation of these regulations is punishable as a class B misdemeanor, by a fine of not more than $5000 for an individual or $10,000 for an organization, or imprisonment of not more than 6 months, or both.  Anyone responsible for starting a wildland fire could also be held financially liable for fire suppression costs.


                At this time, fire restrictions are not in effect on the Thunder Basin National Grassland. Conditions will be monitored throughout the summer to make future decisions on maintaining or rescinding Stage 1 restrictions, or elevating them to Stage 2, which is a complete fire ban.


                For more information contact the following Forest Service Offices, go to our website at, or you can follow the MBRTB on Twitter, @MBRNFsTBNG


  • Brush Creek-Hayden Ranger District, 2171 Highway 130, Saratoga, WY, (307) 326-5258
  • Douglas Ranger District, 2250 E. Richards Street, Douglas, WY, (307)358-4690
  • Laramie Ranger District, 2468 Jackson Street, Laramie, WY, (307)745-2300
  • Hahns Peak-Bears Ears Ranger District, 925 Weiss Drive, Steamboat Springs, CO, (970)870-2299
  • Parks Ranger District, 100 Main Street, Walden, CO, (970)723-2700
  • Yampa Ranger District, 300 Roselawn Avenue, Yampa, CO, (970)638-4516

Saturday June 29th Members of Albany County Sheriffs Search and Rescue and Deputies with the Albany County Sheriffs office participated in High Angle Rescue training at Vedauwoo. Participants went through setting up litter raising and lowering, gear placement and safety.


ACSSAR Board Meeting

In Attendance: Kurt Braisted , Cathi Carr-Lundfelt, Justin Curtright, Travis Wright, Dan Hutchison (Bold = Director)

Meeting Called to order @ 7:05 pm

First order of business was a report from Travis and Justin on the recent First Aid Class provided to V-Bar Guest Ranch. The Class was long and there were some catches with getting the cards with the American Red Cross. Lessons Learned for next time.

In the near future ACSSAR will be able to provide the classes for the community, but the Red Cross of Wyoming and Colorado is in the middle of an reorganization and that has been delayed. Looking forward it may be December time frame now.

Freedom Has a Birthday – We have a booth.

  • Travis is setting up a compass course for this year’s activity.
  • Kurt is looking into a new Banner for ACSSAR
  • Dan is ordering 240 Mylar Survival Blankest with sticker as promotional item.
  • Will provide Ice water again this year.

Jubilee Days Parade – We need to see if the Sheriff’s office is doing it again this year? If we can jump in with them, or do our own? 7/13/2013

Dan is still working on the Mockups for the Bio Page. All Officers and Board to start with…

The board in the case of external training has approved the following for guide lines with reimbursement. (Kurt Motioned, Travis Seconded, All were in favor)

  1. Prior to the training, members planning on attending and being reimbursed must submit an application ( to be defined ) to the board of directors. The Board of Directors will determine the eligibility of reimbursement as it pertains to the organization and its goals and based on the members participation over the previous years. The application must be submitted at least one Prior Month/Board meeting to the class.
  2. Once the class has been completed, a copy of certificate along with all receipts must be submitted. Up to 50% of the class\training can be covered; the BoD also may opt to pay up to 50% of the travel and lodging expense as well.


Going forward the Board will be working on a budget to better help understand the sustainability of the training.

In other training and regional news, Brandon York from the Wyoming Mounted SAR is looking at the possibility of a SARTech II class this fall.

SEWYSAR is working on a joint training exercise for Aug 24th. Please keep this date open as we will want to have team members there.

ACSSAR also received a letter offering flight assistance including Flight time and Fuel from Dr. Tomas Bienz from Premier Bone & Joint. A copy of the letter will be passed on to the Sheriff's office. ACSSAR would like to Thank Dr. Bienz for his offer of donation!

Meeting Adjourned at 8:45pm

Laramie Girl Scouts Troop 1516 Showing off their Outdoor Essentials packs provided by ACSSAR on their way to a Hiking Badge!

Members from Albany County Sheriff's Search & Rescue recently spent and evening with Troop 1516 talking about Outdoor First Aid, Hypothermia, Frost Bite and other outdoor related dangers as they work for their First Aid Badge. 

ACSAR Board Meeting 21-May-13

  • 1905 meeting start: review of Dog show attendance roster, will send out another e-mail to encourage participation. WyoTech attendance expected to increase as date approaches. Orientation will be around noon on Saturday the 25th.
  • Spencer sent an e-mail wanting to do a mock search/ SAR exercise or joint exercise with SE WY SAR on any of the following dates: 11th, 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th, or 31st of August. This would take place in Vedauwoo. The board will bring up the possible training for consideration in this month’s meeting.
  • Swift water training will be this month, classroom will be after the meeting, and the field exercise will be determined by trainers.
  • There is a proposal to move the search management training from the summer months to a possible fall date. This is still a fluid training date with no firm plans as of yet.
  • Donation letters have gone out and Vikki has received over $300 (non-website) so far.
  • The possibility of at least a partial reimbursement from the group for training attended out of town is brought up again. The main argument remains retention of trained members within the group. The points system is a good method of viewing how active a member might be and thus what the risk would be.
  • Reimbursement for gas and other personal recourses was brought up, although there is a system in place, the possibility of being reimbursed is still low. Ultimately; this is a volunteer organization and we are not employees of the county.
  • Dan would like to put up biographies (short) on the ACSAR website. This could be public relations for individual business that each member is a part of.
  • Matt will be building a Facebook ACSAR page. It will be run as an organization and display photo’s of training, training opportunities, and other public releases. The website will not post any business about past, current, or future searches.
  • Red Cross is offering an instructors course to help build instructors in local areas. This is focused on organizations like SAR to help us build funds by offering training to the public.
  • MOTION; for members of ACSAR who are instructors through Red Cross to be able to teach classes to the public under the ACSAR name (Cathi 2nd) vote is unanimous “aye” and passes. Travis Wright will develop a plan of action and paperwork.
  • Dan trains the board and officers on call out procedures. Several board members and officers were also made admins for website in order to facilitate call outs in case the Pres. And V.P. are out on call already or OOS.


In Attendance:

Justin Curtwright

Dan Hutchinson

Cathi Carr-Lundfelt

Harold Magness

Travis Wright

Matt Allshouse

Kurt Braisted

Josh Hurt