Laramie, Wyoming

September Board of Directors Meeting


ACSSAR Board of Directors Meeting

September 19, 2017


The meeting was called to order at 1900.


  • Name tags for members as well as the board and officers was discussed. The board hopes the name tags will help everyone get to know each other more effectively.
  • The board spoke with the Sheriff’s office about merging the Wyoming Mounted SAR into ACSSAR and are in favor of having a mounted group within Albany County.
  • Window hangers have been ordered and will be completed soon.
  • Vests for the group have been selected and will be ordered soon. If members are interested in purchasing a vest, a list will be passed around at the general meeting. Extras will be ordered if you wish to purchase one later on. Prices will be confirmed and the info passed onto those who are interested.


  • Paige gave a monthly summary.
    • ACSSAR received a donation from O’Dwyers from their Tuesday night bingo fundraisers.
    • ACSSAR also received a donation from the Elevation Celebration held in Centennial over the 4th of July.
    • Donation boxes that are distributed around town will be checked and collected this month.


  • CPR Training was discussed and we will be getting updated manuals and other materials.


  • The Land Navigation class was discussed and went well. A field skills day will be held for those who are interested in continuing their land navigation skills, more information to come.
  • Upcoming Training:
    • CPR/FA/AED will be held in the upcoming months
  • A mock search is being planned for November or December.
  • A Tracking class will be held Saturday November 12th @ 0900.
  • A new member class is going to be scheduled in the upcoming weeks. Candidate members needing to complete this class should watch their email for updates regarding the course.
  • Training for the general meeting was discussed and will include back boarding and litter packaging.

The meeting was adjourned @ 2044.

In attendance: Dan Hutchison, Brenna Hutchison, Liberty Boyer, Matt Burkhart, Kurt Braisted, Alan Sinicki, Rodney Fought, Paige Hellbaum, Lisa Zezas.