Laramie, Wyoming

2018 ACSSAR Elections


March 27th, 2018

Elections were held at the March 2018 general meeting; the following are the results. We would like to thank Kurt Braisted for his six consecutive years as a Board Member and his continued leadership this year as Vice President. Congratulations to all that were elected and thank you to those that choose to run and support our organization.


President – Dan Hutchison ( 5th term, 2014-2019 )
Vice President – Kurt Braisted (1st term)
Treasurer – Ben Morgan (1st term)
Secretary – Rachel Meyer (1st term)
Training Officer – Jim Bob Schell (1st term)

Board of Directors

Matt Burkhart – term ending 2019 (1st term)
Brenna Hutchison – term ending 2020 (3rd term, 2014 – 2020)
Neil Mathison – term ending 2020 (3rd term, 2014 – 2020)

Joining Current Directors:
Liberty Boyer – term Ends 2019, (2017-2019)
Alan Sinicki – term Ends 2019. (2016- 2019)