Laramie, Wyoming

July Monthly Meeting


At 7:05, Dan called the July monthly meeting to order, after which Dane read the minutes from the July board meeting. Paige then conducted a financial report and made mention of the thank you letters that were sent to ACSSAR from two individuals who were rescued earlier in the month. Generous donations were included when the letters were sent. The letters were passed around for all to read. Dan discussed upcoming events and training, which included mountain bike team training on July 29, high angle team training on July 30, the Laramie Enduro race on August 1, new member orientation on August 4, mock search on August 16, JHPTS Tracking Class September 18-2o, and the Jelm Mountain Race on September 19. Dan then led an after-action review involving highlights of the two rescues that occurred earlier in July. The details of the after-action review can be found in the minutes of the July 2015 monthly board meeting. 

At 7:43, the present officers and board members introduced themselves. A representative named Sarah from the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA) introduced herself and advertised NADA and discussed the benefits of acupuncture. 

At 7:54, Harold moved to adjourn, Dane seconded, and all were in favor. A short break was taken and at about 8:00, Paige led training on spinal immobilization and backboarding injured people. A few of the other officers with previous medical training contributed to the training as well. Those with experience on how the ACSSAR cots/stretchers worked helped demonstrate how to operate them. The meeting then split into several groups so each attendee could get hands-on training. This included strapping patients into stretchers, spinal immobilization, "log-rolling" patients with spinal injuries, and how to lift the stretchers with and without support straps.