Laramie, Wyoming

August Board Meeting



• Monthly Summary

• Fundraising letter

• Safety deposit box – update on keys and signatures

• SAR debit cards were discussed

• EMA funding

  • Still looking at dry suits
  • Wyolink radios

• JHPTS Buckhorn class – board decision on training reimbursement. This decision will be made at a later time.

• Dan led a summary and demonstration of Google Drive



• New Baofeng radios

• Plates/Tags/Titles update. ATV trailer tags are still expired, but board found no reason to renew them with how late it is in the year.

• Command trailer

  • Radio updates (Neil/Cy) Cy said the Wyolink radios should be updated
  • Dan will look into longer antennas for the trailer
  • The generator is running but is finicky and noisy. Suggestions on ways to silence it were brought forth, and it was agreed that it should be cleaned.
  • Laptop – Chris will talk to his work about obtaining a display laptop for much cheaper, or even as a donation.
  • Printer/scanner/copier
  • Cell booster
  • Radio filter
  • Replace office supplies (pens, dry erase markers, printer ink. Matt will look into getting these.
  • Label large maps/cupboard contents. Matt volunteered to help Brenna

• Gear in Brenna’s garage

  • Hitch Rack – voted to sell with $50 reserve
  • Christmas decorations will be donated unless a member wants them
  • Horse gear – voted to be placed in Todd’s care

• Ball locks for trailers (3, possibly keyed the same)



• Joint training opportunity with SEWSAR

  • SAR track at Respond Wyoming conference in March 2016 in Riverton
  • Managing the Lost Person Incident (MLPI) vs. SAR Basics

• Recent Trainings

  • July meeting – introduction to packaging and carry outs. Positive feedback.
  • Swift water – had a great training on 8/2 on the Poudre with setting up a ropes system
    • Follow-up ropes system training on the Laramie River on 8/6.
  • Mock search on August 16 – brief overview/comments

• Upcoming Training

  • Tracking training with Larimer County SAR on August 29
  • JHPTS Tracking at Buckhorn on September 18-20
  • Land Navigation with Russell Clark on November 14-15
  • Red Cross LTP class will be rescheduled for later in the fall
  • High angle knot passing

• Meeting topics

  • August meeting: Wildlife and Plant Encounters (Matt)
  • September meeting: Lost Person Mentality



• Donor plaques will be revisited in 2016

• New member ID photos. Todd should have camera

• Get well card for Cathi

• Subscription to Terrain Navigator Pro considered. Easy access to maps/terrain.


Policy Changes

• Training Officer – Yvette offered to fill in for Jason until the next election. Matt voted to approve this, Brenna seconded, and all were in favor.

• By-laws: need review but are in decent shape

• ROPs: need some significant revisions in places

  • Member acceptance process
  • Conduct of current members
  • Officer duties/position descriptions
  • Training/member levels
  • Specialized group check-offs
  • Pack list updates (webbing, etc.)
  • On scene organization/procedures

• For a committee or schedule a specific meeting to work on these?


Those in attendance: Dan Hutchinson, Matt Allshouse, Chris Armstrong, Page Hellbaum, Brenna Noll, Bob Meyer, Dane Purmalis