Laramie, Wyoming

November Board Meeting


Paige began the board meeting by conducting a financial report. The new paging system phone number, (720)772-1030, was discussed and a refresher was done on how to operate the call-out website. Problems with the Baofeng radios were brought up. The SAR ATVs and what to do with them were examined. The work left to be done on the Incident Command trailer was reviewed. Purchasing a new laptop and installing a power compositor were discussed. Matt and Brenna would look into obtaining mapping software. Matt would also look into a scanner. It was pointed out that the IC trailer's batteries were old and not functioning effectively anymore, so Kurt moved to buy new ones. Matt seconded and all were in favor. 

Upcoming events included the November regular monthly meeting where Crime Scene Awareness will be discussed. There was discussion on offering the class more than once a year because it is a requirement for new members. A topic for the January regular monthly meeting was discussed and will be finalized at a later date. 

General business discussion began with considering purchasing SAR hats. Neil helped clarify a fire district and MOU question. Cleaning up and organizing the member roster was explored. It was proposed that members who had been determined as no longer active be moved from the regular member roster to the inactive list. Paige moved for this, Josh seconded, and all were in favor. Members whose statuses were unclear would be left on the roster and would be reexamined in 2016. 

Discussion on policy changes included planning a policy dinner and setting a timeline for completion of the new draft of bylaws. It was planned that the new draft of bylaws will be completed by the new year. Revisions will occur after that. A team holiday dinner was discussed for January, most likely on Friday the 22nd. Matt then moved to adjourn the meeting, Kurt seconded, and all were in favor. 

In attendance: Dane Purmalis, Dan Hutchinson, Matt Allshouse, Chris Armstrong, Page Hellbaum, Brenna Noll, Bob Meyer, Neil Matheson, Josh Hurt, Kurt Braisted, Harold, and Yvette.